Gordon Shepard

Mr Gordon Shepard was appointed as a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon in 2001 following training in Leicester, Liverpool and Manchester as well as travelling to visit and work with world renowned surgeons in Sports and Arthroplasty surgeons in Boston, Denver and Adelaide.After 16 years at the Royal Bolton Hospital he left to pursue non-emergency surgery for the NHS and privately within the private sector.

He has always had an interest in regenerative and reconstructive techniques and has practised what is now becoming known as biological surgery since he was appointed to his consultant post and so has many years of experience of these techniques.

Mr Shepard was appointed as one of the sports orthopaedics consultants to the Commonwealth Games in Manchester in 2002 although a call-up to serve as a surgeon in the army prevented him from taking up this post. He has provided orthopaedic surgical services to professional football clubs in the northwest of England.

Mr Shepard was a keen sportsman and has played rugby, football, squash and badminton. He represented his University at sailing and his medical school at football. Although injuries have stopped his involvement in contact sports he still enjoys racquet sports. He is married with two children and they are all regular attenders at Anfield.

Case study

Johnathan’s own cells cure his problem knee

A revolutionary new treatment is helping Jonathan Coombes back on to the football pitch after a debilitating knee injury.

Jonathan badly injured the cartilage in his knee during a tackle gone wrong. Our consultant, Gordon Shepard, is helping Jonathan eliminate the pain he faces every time he walks. Using an innovative, cutting-edge treatment, Gordon sent a piece of cartilage from Jonathan’s knee to a lab in Denmark. There they succeeded in growing enough cartilage to cover the the four square centimetre gap in Jonathan’s cartilage.