Biological knee surgery

Biological knee surgery avoids total knee replacement by repairing your injured knee with your body’s own tissues.

BKS (biological knee surgery) has been around much longer than knee replacement surgery. Only recently have we been able to perfect these surgical procedures so that they are a reliable and reproducible alternative.

Total knee replacement is a good treatment for arthritis and irreparable joint damage in older, less active people. Unfortunately, higher activity levels cause the replacement to fail quicker. For a young, active patient, the need to reduce activity can be devastating. BKS is a great alternative.

BKS realigns, stabilises and replaces the missing and damaged cartilage using donor tissue from other areas of your body, as opposed to replacing the knee. We can repair or reconstruct damaged ligaments and realign the knee at the same time if required.

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The benefits


Biological knee surgery is perfect for younger, more active patients. Suitable patients will remain active but stop knee-heavy exercise.

But you may be unsuitable for BKS if:

  • You are old enough for joint replacement surgery
  • You have widespread damage to your knee