Lipogems® is a cutting-edge, minimally invasive treatment that transforms your own fat into cushioning and support for an injury.

We have known about the healing power of fat for some time. Medics in the first world war treated injured soldiers from the frontlines with fat. Since then, doctors have refined those healing properties with innovative treatments like the Lipogems® system.

But that’s not all. Fat retains its healing properties as you age. The damage to your joint is the only limit to your fat’s healing potential.

“Lipogems® is minimally invasive, especially when compared to a common alternative – full joint replacement surgery.”

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The benefits

The Process

We can complete Lipogems® treatment in a single day with a short hospital stay for recovery:

1 We harvest fat cells from your hip or your abdomen using a suction device and local anaesthetic. This takes around half an hour.
2 We use the Lipogems® system to isolate the regenerative cells from the fat tissue we took from you.
3 We implant the cells into your arthritic joint or soft tissue injury, using ultrasound for precision.
4 You spend at most two hours in recovery on the ward

The Process

Lipogems® isn’t for everyone. It is unlikely to help with advanced joint degeneration. Joint replacement surgery is still recommended for advanced cases.

You may need MRI, CT scans and/or x-rays so we can assess the degradation. You may be unsuitable for Lipogems® treatment if you are unsuitable for medical imaging scans.