You can relieve arthritis pain with nSTRIDE APS – a simple injection during a one hour clinic visit.

We believe an imbalance of ‘good proteins’ and ‘bad proteins’ causes the cartilage breakdown in arthritis. nSTRIDE APS restores this intimate balance, giving time for the bone and cartilage to heal.

With arthritis, we see higher levels of ‘catabolic pro-inflammatory cytokines’ – the bad proteins. These proteins drive inflammation and cartilage breakdown. Arthritis gets worse as this breakdown and inflammation continue.

Your blood also contains ‘anti-inflammatory cytokines’ and ‘anabolic growth factors’ – the good proteins. These proteins reduce inflammation and promote healing. We can now extract these good proteins and concentrate them into an injection – nSTRIDE APS.

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The benefits

How it works

1 We draw blood from you
2 You relax while we process your blood on-site
3 We extract the good proteins from your blood using a centrifuge
4 We prepare the good proteins as an injection
5 We inject the good proteins between the bones in your arthritic joint

You can expect pain relief in about a week. The benefits of nSTRIDE APS therapy can last up to 12 months


Any patient with mild to moderate osteoarthritis is suitable for nSTRIDE APS injections.